Creative, Passionate, Tiny Home Experts

Sunshine Tiny Homes was created knowing the need for smaller homes and to provide more options for long and short-term housing on the Sunshine Coast and beyond! Our team has a big vision to become the number one manufacturer of quality built tiny homes. We strive to not only bring small home selections, we stay ahead of the industry by focusing on safety, security and sustainability of our homes.

It's been my passion to create a third space for people to return to what's natural and real. Sunshiny Tiny Homes was the ultimate vision come true, bridging the gap that we've all been looking to fill. It's a call to simpler living, and at little cost for the freedom we all crave.

Pam Robertson, Owner and Founder

Pamela is the president of the Tiny Home Alliance Canada and is a huge advocator for tiny homes in her community and BC. Please join the alliance as a member to increase thier outreach!


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