Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about what it's like to live in a tiny home?

Why not try one out? Our very first tiny home is available for Airbnb!! Why not try before you buy? Kristin and Alex are amazing hosts and the tiny home is located in the beautiful Powell River! Check out the link 

Where can I put my tiny home

That is the million-dollar question! The best location is on your own property. Most RV Parks accept them, but it is always good to inquire as some RV Parks have a strict no tiny home policy. We connect landowners with our tiny home customers! We provide a service that assists our customers with a list of landowners who intend to prepare their land to accommodate a tiny home.

Enquire today!

Are you going to build a tiny home community?

We plan to build a tiny home community, YES ABSOLUTELY! We are always working towards this goal and we are looking for investors and people who share the same vision. If you or someone you know is interested in having a conversation about this vision, please call!

Do you install solar?

All of our tiny homes are built solar ready so that when the time comes to go off-grid, that option is already there! We have a team of off-grid experts who can provide you with all the off-grid solar power you need. Let us know if you want the package included with your build!

What does RV Hook-up mean?  

All our standard models are equipped for electricity on site. We recommend you have a 50Amp electrical sub panel available to the home if possible.  

Each home comes standard with a 3” RV grey water and black water hookup, which will give you the option of hooking the home into a septic/sewer. The water connection is hooked up with a simple potable water hose connection!  

What is the cost to build my tiny home?

We offer an array of sizes and different a variety of finishing touches to your tiny home. The final cost will be determined by how many upgraded features were chosen or you can stick with the standard feature pricing. Please contact us for a quote. Our homes range from $98,000.00 and up to $180,000.00 fully completed dependent on the materials and appliances/fixtures were chosen to perfect your tiny home.

How long does it take to build a tiny home?

The lead time for a tiny home build is anywhere from 8 to 16 weeks. This depends on when we receive your deposit as all our trailers are built to order and can take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks to complete. We will put you in sequence to our order system, so it's best to get a deposit in right away. We can always work out the design details while you wait for your turn!

Do I need to prep my site?

It is not necessary, but we recommend either a concrete pad or a gravel pad (graded and leveled).  It is best if you can do as much research about this as you can as every tiny home has different needs. We can assist you with any questions you may have about preparing the set up where you want your new home.

What if I want to finish building my tiny home myself (DIY)

Ask us about what stage of shells you want and we can assist you. This allows you to take it home and finish it at your own pace and in your own budget. 

Can I insure my tiny home?

There are many insurance providers who insure tiny homes. We can assist you with that process. Our homes are certified as an RV or Park model, that ensure qualification.  It is best to check with your provider before and ask as many questions as you can about rates and their expectations. Some require you to skirt and anchor your home. We can provide you with information to ensure your success!

Does Sunshine Tiny Home Company offer a warranty?

YES! We offer a one year warranty on all structural, electrical, plumbing, and gas fitting if applicable. The trailer is covered under a one year manufacturer’s warranty, and the roof has a 40-year manufacturers warranty. All manufacturer's warranties come in your package and differ with each product. 

What hookups do I need on-site?

All of our standard base models are all equipped for electricity on-site most require a 50 AMP circuit. They all come standard with RV grey/black wastewater hookups, which enables them to hook-up to any septic/sewer on site. The water is hooked up via potable water hose connection.

What is the payment process?

We require a $10,000.00 non-refundable deposit in order to hold your completion time slot. This deposit also produces your new home trailer and gets us working on the design process.

Once your trailer is one week from completion and your building time spot has arrived, we require the initial 40% installment the second 40% installment will be required once the home is to lock up (2-3 Weeks), with the balance to be paid in full one week prior to delivery. 

We have several incredible financing options available, please contact us to find out if you qualify...instantly!


Is my tiny home equipped for cold winters?

We insulate all our tiny homes using closed cell spray foam in the walls, roof, and floors. If your tiny home requires extra insulation due to harsh climates in your area! Ask us how! 

Do you build custom homes?

We offer several different floor plans and two designs to choose from. We assist customers with personalizing their tiny homes. This helps take the overwhelming task of design and major decision making out of the equation. Our experts have worked hard to make this as simple and fun as possible! We also do custom homes as well ask us about this!

What kind of appliances and heat sources do you use? 

We work with you to customize the tiny home so that all power sources and appliances are optimal for both on and off-grid living. We can customize the home to have a composting toilet, rainwater collection system with a freshwater tank, greywater filtration system, solar, and more!

How can I tow my home?

We recommend that you let the professionals tow your home if you are not familiar with towing a trailer, or have the classification on your diver's license to do so. 

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver anywhere across Canada and into the United States. There is a border documentation fee for the import of the tiny home through customs.  

We Deliver!

Call today for rates in your area. We will deliver anywhere in Canada and the US!

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We operate under the CSA Z-240 RV-14 Series & Z-241 Park Model Standards. 
We are working hard to bring you more options in the future!