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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Tiny Homes

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  • What’s it like to be in a tiny home?
    Why not try one out? Our very first tiny home, lovingly named “Sadie”, is available as an Airbnb rental in beautiful Powell River, BC. Kristin and Alex are amazing hosts. Check out their tiny rental home.
  • Do you build custom homes?
    We take one of our CSA approved designs that you like and we personalize it with you to become your dream home. Let’s talk about your needs.
  • What is the purchase process?
    Try our Tiny Home Estimator on our Get Started page. Find out if you qualify for financing with our amazing finance team. Book a complementary consultation with us. Secure your build spot. Refine your quote/build with us. Design and features details confirmed. Now we build. Retrieve your home!
  • Where can I put my tiny home?
    It is important to know that Tiny Homes built to the CSA Z240-RV Standard, only has allowable occupancy for 49% of the calendar year. The best location is on your own property, but be sure to look up your local bylaws ahead of time. RV Parks widely accept them, but it is always good to inquire as some RV Parks have a strict no tiny home policy. The best locations are properties zoned with little to no bylaws. We understand that tiny home locations can be limiting with strict land use bylaws. We are very knowledgeable and happy to assist you with this! We now offer Manufactured Tiny Homes! What that means is we understood that people were looking to purchase raw land for their tiny homes. They were looking for something that qualified as a permanent residence (RV's don't). We listened and created exactly that. These are LEGAL TINY HOMES and are considered permanent, primary homes, which can also serve as secondary homes and are accepted by municipalities and building inspectors in most regions of BC and other provinces in Canada. It is very important to connect with your local municipality ahead of time to confirm that these are allowed in the zoning bylaws of any property you are considering to place one. We are happy to jump on a call to assist you further with any questions you have about this, and coach you through the process!
  • Do I need to prep my site?
    We recommend either a concrete pad or a gravel pad, graded and levelled. It is best to do as much research about this as you can as every tiny home has different needs. We can assist you with any questions you may have about preparing your new home setup.
  • What does RV Hook-up mean?
    All our standard models are equipped for electricity on site. We recommend you have a 50Amp electrical sub panel available to the home if possible. Each home comes with a 3” RV grey water and black water hookup, with the option of hooking the home into a septic or sewer. The water connection is hooked up with a simple potable water hose connection.
  • ​What kind of appliances and heat sources do you use?
    We work with you to personalize the tiny home so that all power sources and appliances are optimal for both on and off-grid living. We can also implement the home to have a composting toilet, rainwater collection system with a freshwater tank, greywater filtration system, solar, and more!
  • Is my tiny home equipped for cold winters?
    We insulate all our tiny homes using closed cell spray foam in the walls, roof, and floors. If your tiny home requires extra insulation due to harsh climates in your area. Ask us how.
  • Do you install solar?
    Our tiny homes can be built solar-ready, if we know that is what you want ahead of time, so that when the time comes to go off-grid, that option is already there. We have a team of off-grid experts who can provide you with all the off-grid solar power you need. Let us know if you want the solar package included with your build.
  • How long will it take to build my tiny home?
    The lead time for a tiny home build, start to finish, is anywhere from 10 to 18 weeks. For a more curated home, this can be a longer process. We will put you in our order system sequence, so it's best to get your deposit in right away. We can always work out the design details while you wait for your build turn.
  • Can I insure my tiny home?
    There are many insurance providers who insure tiny homes. We can assist you with that process. Our homes are certified as an RV or Manufactured Home series model, which ensures qualification. It is best to check with your insurance provider before and ask as many questions as you can about rates and their expectations. Some require you to skirt and anchor your home. We can provide you with information to ensure your success.
  • Does Sunshine Tiny Homes offer a warranty?
    YES! We offer a one-year warranty on all structural, electrical, plumbing, and gas fitting if applicable. The trailer is covered under a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, and the roof has a 40-year manufacturer’s warranty. Individual manufacturer's warranties come in your package and differ with each product.
  • ​How can I tow my home?
    We recommend that you let the professionals tow your home if you are not familiar with towing a trailer, or have the classification on your driver's license to do so. You need a Code 7 endorsement on your driver's license to tow a tiny home. Click here for more information about towing in BC or find out what applies to your area.
  • Where do you deliver tiny homes?
    We can deliver anywhere in Canada and the United States. There is a border documentation fee for the import of the tiny home through customs.
  • Do we provide tiny home delivery?
    Sunshine Tiny Homes Ltd can connect you to contracted professional drivers to deliver tiny homes. It will be the responsibility of the owner to tow your tiny home. We can assist with arrangements to have your home delivered. Things to consider are access from the main roads, condition of the ground, the height of any wires, trees or branches, grade of the roadways etc. There can be much more to a Manufactured Home series delivery than an RV series, we will assist with the delivery and set up with this.

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