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Tiny House Living Brings People Closer to Nature

Home is so much more than the 4 walls that surround us and the stuff we fill it with. In a tiny house, often 400 square feet, access to more of what’s real, namely the great outdoors, is creating a market for nature seekers all across the world.

Tiny houses are luxurious, but they are also mobile and much easier to take care of. Generally tiny homeowners are mortgage free, and spend a great deal more time living, instead of working. Travel and adventure are no longer postcards pinned to a fridge door, but a day to day reality.

That’s because most tiny home owners have over twice the amount of time to focus their energy on hobbies and activities than the average homeowner. This is due in part to less bills to take care of, which means more flexibility in working within fields that require less time in stuffy office jobs.

This means no more cubicles or stale coffee that’s been sitting around for hours. Counting down the days to the weekend is replaced with working remotely or part-time. It’s really as close to a stress-free lifestyle as you can get.

Life in a tiny house also means less time tidying, and more time in the fresh air. Understandably, previous possessions were sold or given away, to make room for more simplicity.

With the appeal of living in a tiny house not just hinging on cost, you have to admit that the freedom it provides is enticing. With more freedom comes time to enjoy a lifestyle connected to the outdoors. Suddenly taking up gardening, hiking, or mountain biking is an actual possibility.

With the ability to live a life they’ve always wanted, instead of the stress associated with mounting bills, tiny homeowners are at an advantage most of us can only dream of! 

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