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Highlight the beauty of your wood with pure natural oil. Highly pigmented and very easy to work with. Ratio = add 5% of this color to your Primary product.

Choose from these colour selections:

 3408 Extra White

3428 Teak

3409 White

3438 Mahogany

3413 Birch

3458 Oak

3417 Silver Grey

3474 Basalt Grey

3422 Chestnut

3477 Graphite


.125L Oil Ground Coat

  • SAICO`S Wood Finishes are made from naturally re-grown vegetable oils and waxes, are benzene free and comply with tough European and North American environmental standards. SAICO`S offers a coating system for application on flooring, furniture, cabinetry, counter tops, wood decking, garden furniture and even children's toys. 

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