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3200NA Premium Hard Wax Oil - Satin Matte Sheen

Specialized for a healthy home, the ultimate hardwax oil finish that can be applied by brush, oil-wax roller or thinned for spraying. Dries in 3-4 hours with good levelling properties.

No sanding necessary between coats!

1 Coat = 187 sq ft

2 Coats = 108 sq ft

Watch our video for the best finish.


2.5L Premium Hard Wax Oil


    SAICO`S Wood Finishes are made from naturally re-grown vegetable oils and waxes, are benzene free and comply with tough European and North American environmental standards. SAICO`S offers a coating system for application on flooring, furniture, cabinetry, counter tops, wood decking, garden furniture and even children's toys. 

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